Branding and development for super creative app

Clapdigital is a platform for sharing and selling your digital media. If you have a social media account filled with lots of digital content. You can easily monetise and sell licenses for others to use it by simply integrating the Clapdigital platform. This amazing idea was implemented using a web app with plans to create a modern seamless mobile app for both iPhone and Android users. Also looking to make it available on Windows Phone.


I was challenged with the task of designing the user interface for the web application. This was difficult as I didn't really know anything similar to it so I designed it with a marketplace approach at first. The web application seems a bit facebookesque but that was done purposely so that new users would know how to use it immediately.

After designing the user interface I began conducting user research for optimizing the user experience. This helped me see the vision of our potential users and it greatly affected the brand identity that you see now.


After the core information architecture was set in pencil. I began heading the development of the application under the direction of advisers from companies such as Google and Facebook. This application was to use all modern technologies especially the backend language Ruby.

Other technologies you may know of such as AngularJS, ROR, Amazon Web Services, GIT, mongoDB, Userapp, ElasticSearch, GoCardless, SendGrid, Layer, Twilio and Pingdom. Please have a look at the app and register as a user to grow the network here:

  • Once the Clapdigital web app was complete they decided to create a beta testing page where all potential users could register and create an account. These users would play around with the app and contribute by reporting any bugs and explaining the improvements that could be made. I designed this webpage and part of the design included creating sprite icons to explain the benefits of creating a "Clapdigital Showroom".

  • I created some illustrations to add effectiveness of the metaphors that are constantly used to explain the Clapdigital user relationships. I created these by hand on Adobe Illustrator

  • After the main illustration was complete I then added more graphics on Photoshop. Here the illustration is registering with Clapdigital... or checking into a hotel.

  • In order to make Clapdigital have a unique brand identity I felt it was necessary to design an unusual but recognisable typography.

  • As a user interface designer I created mockups with Flash to show other front-end developers exactly how the user interface should be designed. This was a full design demo, because I feel that sometimes when showing developer your wireframes and sketches sometimes the gap is not filled as well in the end result. This time I had a complete clear vision of the final result so I thought it was necessary to create a Flash mockup.

  • I created many CSS3 animations