Developing nightclub app for technology startup

A technology startup realized an opportunity to launch a unique mobile application for nightlife to appeal to today’s plugged in and technologically "party-goers".


I was asked to create a new name and brand positioning strategy for what would be a new original mobile application for nightlife and entertainment for the needs of UK's students and club-goers. The app hopes to revolutionize paying for entry at clubs.


ClubVIP has been through a lot of stages and although product development has been completed the brand and marketing strategy has been restructured many times.

ClubVIP was selected as the brand name, and a visual identity was crafted to express the premium exclusiveness of the app. The name and logo perfectly reflect the brand positioning, “The way in tonight”. By having access to this app your entry into different nightclubs will be seamless. ClubVIP is the only application that enables this opportunity. ClubVIP is currently being developed and is testing the market. As another side project they created Vipline which is an attempt to build a premium brand around other ideas associated with the company. View demo here.

  • This is the alpha app that's actually live on both the App store and Google Play. As you can see the app design and brand has been through a couple redesigns. They still haven't 100% decided on how they should represent themselves as a company brand. I look forward to working with them in the future once they are ready to move forward with the UI.

  • This is a part of the wireframe development for the Vipline app.