Pavilion Legal
Brand Identity for Law Recruitment

Established in the year 2001 Pavilion Legal set upon a project of asking Law firms exactly what they wanted from a resourcing partner, so they became a consultancy providing exactly what their clients were asking for. Only thing is that they have not stayed up to date with technology and haven't used it to thier advantage.


I was part of a small team that created a mobile app that would allow lawyers and legal professionals to search for positions at Pavilion Legal. The company didn't really have much brand identity but what we noticed from their current website was a color scheme and a logo. I immediately chose to be the design consultant for the project.


I took charge of building a brand using their company colors, this was then implemented into print and letterhead designs. I also redesigned their logo to a colorful design that represents their company. The app had to retain the brand and theme so I worked with the developers to ensure the app for Android and iOS maintained the same theme.

  • This was the website that was built by a previous agency they were working with.

  • This is how I used the current theme to design company stationery and other print designs including business cards.