Sanyu Fitness
Rebranding a Fitness Training company

Sanyu Fitness is a personal training company that have a team of PT's that go and work privately with their clients. The company realised the opportunity to expand into supplements. Also since they were having a number of PT's joining there company they wanted to create an identity.


I had previously worked with them to design their current logo and other print materials, my creative control was very limited as they had a clear vision and I was more of technical designer just bringing to life their ideas. Now they needed a proper brand identity service, in order to deliver this effectively I had to do a little bit of research into the company's target audience and ask the directors what their goals were.


I redesigned the website and built a blog on top of a CMS so that they could upload posts regularly. As for the online shop, I had to take a fresh approach as there are many supplement brands out there that can be easily mistaken for each other. Since Sanyu is meant to be a exclusive private company, I thought about this and integrated it with the packaging design.

To view the Sanyu Fitness website click here.

  • The picture above was the first logo I designed for them. The whole idea behind it is a reflection (silhouette) of a female in sweat droplet.

  • Soon after the client insisted that I retweek the logo to look exactly how they want it. This was the result, to my surprise the director thought this looked much better than the one I designed for him earlier. Maybe they just wanted more of an input on the design, but it has it's good parts. A few months after, I was approached once more this time for a website redesign, packaging design and various print design materials.

  • This time I took a much more structured approach on this project as the client was heavily relying on my expertise this time around.

  • We agreed this color scheme brought out the excitement emotion adn that's the emotion they want to bring out in their website visitors.