Sunset Boulevard Garments
Ecommerce platform build and design

Sunset Boulevard Garments is a clothing brand that is seeking to impact the premium and luxury market. Their clothes try to bring together the worlds of fashion and nature. Many of their designs have a sort of foreign look to them, so it would seem that this is a foreign brand. Although this brand was founded in the United States, SBG admits it is influenced and inspired by culture and the majority of their materials are sourced from many different parts of the world.


When I started to get involved in the project the company was re-branding. Originally, it was meant to be a skateboarding clothing and lifestyle brand appealing to young and eccentric people. They decided to move away from that demographic and focus more on the luxury market. So when I was designed I wasn't sure about the identity of the brand. That being said, Sunset Boulevard Garments created an subsidiary brandy after the similar name of Sunset Boulevard skateboarding. This made it much easier to transition towards the new identity without dropping and confusing current supporters of the brand.


I firstly kept the structure and layout of the original website, but added a few new function and completely changed the design. I sat down with owners of the brand and we discussed colors and how we want the customers to view the brand. Sunset Boulevard Garments said they they have plans to design and create bespoke jewellery products. This is very different from what they originally sold. I managed to engage the social media followers and headed the transition from the old identity to the new whilst gaining new brand supporters and retaining most of the current ones. Please have a look at the website.

To view the Sunset Boulevard Garments website click here.

  • This design represent SBG's old branding identity, but as you can see this is not a bad look at all. It rightfully shows the colorful playfulness that Sunset Boulevard Garments were originally seeking.

  • Sunset Boulevard Garments soon decided to create a subsidiary for that previous style and grew the original name behind SBG to represent more premium wear. They began making exclusive items with luxury materials and so they wanted to represent this in their newly founded demographic. I completed some wireframes that were matured off the orginal website design to retain current customer experience, but also bring about a new sense of progression. In this age, of modern web mobile first design seem to be the most pratical so when initially design the new wireframe I started with the mobile interface. Later during that week, after reviewing some analytics I noticed that most of the website view were coming from desktop web browsers. So with this information I was now open to create extra feature they may only be seen on desktop browsers without affecting mobile users.

  • Wireframe build and accessability test